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A Welcomed Transition

February 6, 2012

By Michael Padilla, ECC Future Leader

What is it about something new or different that derails our momentum?

Even though we know transition is a necessary course of action and can lead to bigger and better things, we still have a tendency to hesitate before making that leap outside of our comfort zone. I’m currently working my way through a transition from one very cozy and familiar position to a position of little experience. There are other alternatives, but few so polarizing, forcing me to consider the risks and rewards.

We were always taught to look both ways before crossing the street. Is that momentary pause an ingrained cautionary habit or is it a simple reluctance to change the status quo? Whether you are single and getting married, or having your first child, or changing jobs or companies, sooner or later the prospect of the unknown smacks you right in the face.

As Future Leaders change positions within their respective companies, we’re met with unfamiliar territory and the prospect of ‘What’s next?’. Are we trained? Do we have support? What is this leading to? Are the next few steps even defined? While these questions are valid and worthy of consideration, we quickly realize that without moving on from our current roles and into others, we’re putting our own cars into neutral, and that doesn’t make for a very exciting ride. I love the ride, so I’ll gladly take that leap.

Fear of failure or other internal insecurities can be harnessed and used to motivate and succeed, but they can also create doubt or even hamper progress. When taking on a new challenge, we should first consider what good will come of it. Don’t let the human reaction of fear or trepidation creep in before considering the benefits.

Transition is a necessity that should be welcomed and met with enthusiasm. I’d like to think we are not getting ourselves into anything we don’t want or are prepared for. But then again, that’s the fun part …