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ECC Mid Year Meetings 


Each spring, ECC holds Mid Year Meetings to further our mission of providing a powerful platform for career growth through the free exchange of ideas, the discovery of new perspectives, and the exploration of today's biggest challenges. It's an opportunity to connect ECC stakeholders between conferences and to continue the work of this vibrant community.


Academia & Workforce Development Committee (AWDC)

Check back for 2022 AWDC workshop date and details!


The industrial construction sector faces unique labor challenges, and its success also depends on the competency and capability of our engineering and

In 2020, the ECC Board of Directors established the AWDC committee to provide expanded focus on workforce and professional development. ECC offers a workshop event that encourages industry participation to help navigate through the distinct business and training worlds and connect the broad stakeholder community to advance education and training.

The AWDC-Workforce Subcommittee is designed to align the owner, contractor, and training provider communities in order to attract, train, and retain craft workforce through increased career awareness and a simple yet complete career pathway solution in construction.

The AWDC-Academia Subcommittee is designed to advocate industry needs and promote changes and actions by engaging universities, industry organizations and education accreditation and funding agencies. Our objectives include strategizing on shared goals and initiatives, establishing an industry-training network and piloting new initiatives with participating organizations.




April 11, 2024
The Houstonian Hotel, Houston


The ECC Future Leader mid-year meeting is where we formally kick-off Future Leader activities for that year. At this meeting, Future Leaders have the chance to meet the ECC Board of Directors, network with fellow Future Leaders and begin discussions around the upcoming conference. There is a focus on leadership and professional development with attending industry and expert speakers.



April 10, 2024
The Houstonian Hotel, Houston


As a benefit of ECC Sponsorship you have the opportunity to engage with a broad cross section of owners, contractors and supplier organizations in a Sponsor’s Only Session leading up to the annual ECC PerspECCtives Conference. At this session, you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry peers and learn from industry senior experts, with a focus on specific conference topics.


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