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September 3-6, 2014, JW Grande Lakes Resort, Orlando FL

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The Spirit of ECC Award

The Spirit of ECC Award

Nominations for the 2014 Spirit Award are now closed.

The ECC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2013 ECC Achievement Award has been presented to:  

Mitchell Energy Barnett Shale Team

In 1981 the late George Mitchell assembled a team of geologists, engineers, and other critical groups to find a commercially viable way to extract natural gas trapped in the North Texas Barnett shale formation.  At the time, few people expected this endeavor to succeed, and none except maybe for George Mitchell himself, could have imagined the energy revolution this team would begin to unleash 17 years later. Today, the practice of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing used to extract shale gas is a well-known process that has provided the United States with access to a plentiful low cost energy source.   Shale gas is now sparking a resurgence in the North American manufacturing sector, leading to predictions of ~ 1 million new jobs being created over the next 10 – 15 years. 

The thought leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and perseverance the Mitchell Energy Barnett Shale Team demonstrated over those 17 years is at the core of what the Spirit of ECC Award represents.  It took tremendous teamwork to overcome all of the uncertainties and setbacks encountered in working on a new technology development project for that period of time. A diverse group of 62 people were at the core of this project, with no doubt many others contributing to the team’s ultimate success.  These team members have not received a high level of notoriety for what they accomplished, making it even more satisfying to take the opportunity to acknowledge their achievement at the 2013 ECC Conference.  

We were saddened that Mr. Mitchell passed away before this award could be presented. But appreciate his vision and perseverance along with the many men and women below who contributed to this accomplishment.

Senior Management

George P. Mitchell (deceased)
Tom Battle (deceased)
Don Covey (deceased)
John C. Hibbeler
Bobby M. Hickman (deceased)
W. D. “Bill” Stevens
Allen Tarbutton

Critical Team Members

Dwaine Abraham
Steve Adcock
Jim Addison
Laura Anderson
Tom Bettis
Kent Bowker*
Bill Buckler
Keith Burkhart
Keith Claghorn
Greg Colburn
James Dixon
Gregg Dodd
Jay Ewing
Eugene Fielder
Alan Goodwin
Bill Green
Dan Higdon
Richard Horton
George Hover
Jon Huggins*
Andrew Hrychusko
George Jackson*
Everett Johnson
Mike Leckie
George Moretti
Linda Manning-Miller
Steve McKetta
Doug Mitchell
Pat Noyes
Mike O Donnell
Bill Pyle (deceased)
Roger L. Smith
Roger Smith
Brian Saunders
Judy Savaso
Chris Stamm
Nick Steinsberger*
Mark Stephenson
Dan Steward*
Cheryl Thompson
Tom Trott
Lee Utley
J.W. Varner
Christopher Veeder
Loren Vogel
Dallas Wagner
Bill Wells
Rusty Werline
Paul Westbrook
Bob Wheeler
Mark Whitley
Roger Wiggin
Rick Wilson
George Wilson
Doris Zajac

*Thank you to these members of this amazing team who joined us in Palm Desert to accept the award on behalf of their colleagues.

ECC Achievement Awards

ECC Achievement Awards

Since 1988, the ECC has been honoring outstanding industry leaders with the annual ECC Achievement Award (formerly the ECC Division Award). These award recipients are chosen based on 5 criteria. Individuals considered for the award are those who...

exhibit Integrity,
are Bold Risk Takers,
are truly Visionary,
have had a lasting positive Impact on the Competitive Face of Business, and
possess stature among their peers in the industry.

The prestigious list of past award recipients:

  • 2013 - Emmitt Nelson, Shell (retired), Co-Founder Zero Injury Institute
  • 2012 - Alan Boeckmann, Chairman, Fluor
  • 2011 - Khalid Farid, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Planning, AMEC
  • 2010 - Dr. Jorge Vanegas, Dean, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
  • 2009 - Don Vardeman, Vice President of Worldwide Projects, Anadarko
  • 2008 - Louis J. Cabano, Chairman, Pathfinder LLC
  • 2007 - Noel G. Watson, Executive Chairman, Jacobs Engineering Group
  • 2006 - Bill Greehey, Chairman of the Board, Valero Energy Corporation
  • 2005 - James B. Porter, Jr., Du Pont
  • 2004 - Bill Higgs and Paul Redmon, Mustang Engineers
  • 2003 - Larry Evans, AspenTech
  • 2002 - Jeet Bindra, Chevron/Caltex
  • 2001 - Ed Merrow, IPA
  • 2000 - Hugh K. Coble, Fluor Corporation
  • 1999 - John Mihm, Phillips Petroleum Company
  • 1998 - William A. Brookshire, S&B Engineering & Constructors Ltd.
  • 1997 - W. I. (Irv) Doty, Shell Oil
  • 1996 - Ted C. Kennedy, BE&K Inc.
  • 1995 - Shelby Pierce, Amoco Corp.
  • 1994 - Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr., Bechtel Group, Inc.
  • 1993 - Robert H. Miller, E.I. duPont de Nemours & Company
  • 1992 - Dr. Joseph J. Jacobs, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
  • 1991 - Wallace L. Tanner, Shell Oil
  • 1990 - Dave Tappan, Fluor Daniel
  • 1989 - Al Crosby, Exxon
  • 1988 - Albert Dib, Bubler, King & Bubler
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Recognize those you feel embody the spirit of ECC. Will be awarded at the 45th ECC Annual Conference.

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