The Association for the Capital Projects Engineering & Construction Community.

ECC and Bridges to Prosperity [B2P] have formed a long-term partnership. The B2P organization works with isolated communities to create access to essential health care, education and economic opportunities by building trailbridges over impassable rivers. This new partnership will focus on STEM related goals that will help advance craft labor development and influence the talent pipeline within the Engineering and Construction industry.

Our plan of action includes the following focus areas:


  • Work with engineering & technical schools in the countries they work to build knowledge and skills.
  • Through B2P’s Corporate Program, US and European engineers and contractors get hands on experience broadening soft skills to bring back to their companies.

Talent Pipeline Influence

  • The B2P Corporate Program engages companies throughout the Engineering and Construction industry, allowing staff to directly support B2P projects.
  • Several B2P partners advertise this partnership during interviews and in their job fairs.

Influence on Craft Labor

  • B2P hires and trains local skilled and unskilled labor so that by the end of the project a labor force has been trained in basic masonry and steel work. They become better prepared to accept roles in the construction field in their country. 
  • B2P projects uses the highest standards of craft labor in the US. They work to ensure safe and quality practices are followed.