The Association for the Capital Projects Engineering & Construction Community.

The ECC Future Leaders program will host a virtual mid-year meeting April 22, 2021. The program supports the ECC mission of promoting thought leadership by providing fresh perspectives on various matters related to our industry and by enabling knowledge transfer across various stakeholders of the ECC community. As a reminder, 2018, 2019, 2020, AND new 2021 Future Leaders of current sponsor companies are invited to attend, and participation is complimentary.

At the mid-year meeting, Future Leaders have the chance to meet the ECC Board of Directors, network with fellow Future Leaders and begin discussions around the 2021 conference. There is a focus on leadership and professional development with expert speakers from within and outside our industry.

In addition, each Future Leader will have the opportunity to engage with your selected Future Leader Committee. Whether supporting the development of a conference forum/break-out session, helping plan the Conference Wednesday session or other various activities to support the ECC Board, there are plenty of exciting activities that will challenge you to help shape the future of our industry.

Below is a summary of the ECC Future Leader program committees. You will have the option to select your preferred committee during event registration.

  • Safety Committee: Promote core values of safety throughout ECC programs and at the Annual Conference.
  • Program Engagement Committee: Maximize participation in ECC programs so that individuals and organizations realize the full value of ECC sponsorship.
  • Marketing Committee: Support overall ECC program marketing initiatives and promote active communication between Future Leader groups.
  • Community Outreach Committee: Positively impact our communities through service and philanthropic efforts.
  • Networking Committee: Create opportunities for Future Leaders to build relationships with peers and industry leaders.
  • Wednesday Session Committee: Generate and execute a high value leadership event for Future Leaders as part of the annual ECC Conference.
  • Academia and Workforce Development Committee: Facilitate the conversation by which we improve our professional staff and craft workforce populations
  • Forums Teams:Develop insightful and provoking content and thought leadership for presentation at the annual ECC Conference; 3 forums committees will cover the following topics:
    1.     Bounce Don’t Splat: Are you and your organization futureproof? 
    2.     The Energy Transition - Pivoting into and Investing in Emerging Sectors 
    3.     What Optionality is Costing Your Organization