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ECC’s Future Leaders Set Sights High for 2019

June 4, 2019

The Future Leader program is an exclusive benefit offered to ECC sponsor companies that provides up to three years of networking and professional development opportunities to emerging industry leaders (you can read more about it here).  Started in 2005, the Future Leader program has grown into an integral part of the ECC Association, as demonstrated in the chart below, which shows participation in the Future Leaders two key events each year.

Given the upward trajectory of the program, and the strong precedent set by previous Future Leaders, the 2019 group faced a daunting task – how to grow a strong program into something even better.  Ultimately, the 2019 Future Leaders decided to focus on three overarching goals:

  1. Delivering top-notch programming

  2. Increasing program engagement

  3. Integrating with and supporting board initiatives

Accomplishing these goals requires effort from nearly 200 Future Leaders, and a little outside-the-box thinking.  One example of the new initiatives that the 2019 Future Leaders are championing has been the creation of two new committees: 

  • The Community Outreach committee is providing opportunities for ECC members to engage with and support community initiatives (such as partnering with a local school to provide school supplies and encourage exploration of STEM studies)
  • The Talent Pipeline committee is focused on devising how ECC can help ensure that our industry is able to attract and retain the talented individuals that will be required to deliver successful projects now and in the future

Both of these committees are creating more opportunities for Future Leaders to own and direct important industry initiatives, and further support the mission of ECC.

Future Leaders are also continuing to deliver the top-notch programming that ECC has come to expect from this group on topics such as “Leading Through Data”, “Inclusive Leadership”, and “The Future of Contracting: Simple is Beautiful”.

2019 is already providing many opportunities for ECC’s Future Leaders to demonstrate their talents and help shape our industry.  We can’t wait to see what this group accomplishes, now and in the future.


Gabi and the Kurts
2019 Future Leader Liaisons