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2018 Future Leader Update: Safety Committee

July 16, 2018

Committed to Safety

The Safety Committee is focused on raising awareness of safety issues & concerns during the Future Leader meetings as well as the Annual Event.  But what does that mean?  It means during the mid-year meeting we tried something new:  using to ask questions about previous year’s impact of the safety committee during the Wednesday session & Annual Event.  We’ve taken that input and looked for innovative ways to make sure safety remains a core value within ECC as it is within our respective companies.

In addition to providing relevant safety moments for the Future Leader meetings, we have also brainstormed some additional ways to raise safety awareness during the Wednesday session and Annual Event:

  • In order to help folks take some safety lessons/awareness home, we are collaborating with the Networking team to have a safety-themed network event during the Wednesday Session.  This event will raise awareness of how many accidents in the home are preventable and the surprising statistics that show preventative actions that are not taken by many Americans (e.g. the number of folks who admit they never check their smoke alarm batteries).  We’re appreciative that the Networking team is working with us on this first time event.
  • With the move from posters to electronic displays, we are working with ECC to intermingle a variety of safety sharings throughout the days of the Annual Event.  These will share not only historic developments in safety but also future innovations for safety, in keeping with this year’s celebration of 50 years of ECC while looking forward to the next 50 years.
  • Another opportunity to further perpetuate safety learnings/awareness is through the ECC app, and this is being worked with the App Team as we learn the limitations and capabilities of the app.
  • During the Wednesday Future Leader Session we are finalizing an opportunity for ECC Future Leaders to earn prizes through participation in a home safety themed quiz, helping to remind us of safety at home as well as at work.

We’ve had an engaged and active team this year, and hope that some of these activities and accomplishments will serve to keep safety on everyone’s mind!