The Association for the Capital Projects Engineering & Construction Community.

ECC Mid Year Meetings 


Each spring, ECC holds Mid Year Meetings to further our mission of providing a powerful platform for career growth through the free exchange of ideas, the discovery of new perspectives, and the exploration of today's biggest challenges. It's an opportunity to connect ECC stakeholders between conferences and to continue the work of this vibrant community.



Academia & Workforce Development Committee (AWDC)

One of the many contributors to project success is the competency and capability of our engineering and craft professionals. At ECC, we believe we’re in a unique position to help provide both thought leadership and industry support to help improve both of these separate, but dependent contributors to project outcomes. In 2020, the ECC Board of Directors established a new committee (AWDC) to provide expanded focus on skill attainment and professional development. The intention of this committee is to increase industry focus and attention by improving awareness, competency attainment and support for both our engineering staff and craft labor professionals, integral to of activities already underway within many areas of our industry by focusing thought leadership of ECC sponsor companies and workshop participants. Our goal is establish ECC as the ‘go-to’ resource and catalyst to improve our professional staff and craft workforce populations.

ECC Future Leader Mid-Year Meeting

The Future Leader Mid-Year is where we formally kick-off the ECC Future Leader 2021 activities. At the Mid-Year meeting, Future Leaders have the chance to meet the ECC Board of Directors, network with your fellow Future Leaders, and begin discussions around the upcoming conference. We will also focus part of our time on Leadership and Professional Development with industry and expert speakers joining us. Our agenda also includes a reception the night before - an impactful time for networking with the ECC Board of Directors and our fellow Future Leaders.   

Sponsors only Workshop (open to 2021 ECC Conference Sponsors)

At ECC, we’re working to increase the focus and discussion of improvements to the overall “capital projects supply chain” to ensure all parties involved in a project, whether an owner, EPC contractor, or supplier achieve success for their organizations. Past ECC conferences addressed many of the key topics to enable this outcome including improving capital efficiency, driving innovation, and looking for ways to “win together to share success” to continue this important discussion amongst industry senior leadership.

One of the benefits of ECC Sponsorship is the opportunity to engage with a broad cross section of senior leaders from owner, EPC contractors and supplier organizations. The “Sponsor’s Only Session” will be held in March 2021 – details to come.  

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